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Mr Chunyu Liang
Specialised in pain relief, nerve and digestive system disorders and fertility issues.
Experienced in acupuncture.
Mrs Lijuan Sheng
Specialised in PCOS, infertility, weight issues, hair loss, isomenia and skin problems.
Experienced in herbal prescriptions.
Using natural herbs and traditional methods, Chinese medicine aim to treat your whole body, strengthen your immune system and balance your internal organ function.
What to expect: Our highly qualified practitioners, with 30 years experiencewill diagnose your condition and form a treatment plan tailored to you. We offer herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, hot-stone massage, cupping or a combination treatment plan depending on your needs.
Whatever your health issues, visit or call us on 01753 535 888
We aim to get you back to your optimal healthy self.
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